Everyone I know, rivers to be dragged and tragedies, new ones

It’s settin’ to be hell week or a damn good time here in Nashville. The Americana Music Association is having their big conference in town and everyone is here. No, really EVERYONE: Dale Watson, Scott Miller & The Commonwealth, Corb Lund, Will Kimbrough, Jeffrey Foucault, The Hacienda Brothers, Lisa Hayes, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Dave Alvin, Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint, Alejandro Escovedo, the Cherryholmes, the Derailers, Delbert McClinton, and about 700 other folks. The shows are happening all over and all at once, but we’ll be hitting as many of them as we can. If you’re in town or can get to Nashvegas, this is the time come. Full show schedule is here.

So last night I’m out on the town gearing up for this whole week of good shows and the whole place is a buzz with gossip. Rumor mongering everywhere about some “high class” male prostitute named Big Red, and how he was sent to a nice to hotel room, paid cash and then told to wait for the actual client (as apparently an intermediary was needed to broker this deal). Thunder rolled and in walked the real client demanding some rough, all night, mano a mano action that perhaps went down until the sun came up. You know what I’m sayin’?

Yeah, right so I suck at the blind item thing. The fact is sleezy tabloid reporters are going around saying how this story is going to break big! Make everyone forget all about Willie Nelson’s recent troubles. Apparently Big Red signed no non-disclosure agreement and he’s ready to talk. I’ll believe it when I see it, but if it does happen, just remember you read it here first, even if you couldn’t figure out what I’m talking about. Just don’t be namin’ names if you do.

I’m clearly all giddy from drinking too many PBRs last night and hearing too much insane celebrity gossip. I’ll spare you most of it so I can go on about my new favorite soon-to-be celebrities, The New Tragedies. They are on tour with our pal Cory Branan. You can see them both! Two birds with one stone! Check the dates:

9/22 – Fayetteville, AR – The Gypsy
9/23 – Memphis, TN – The Hi-Tone
9/24 – Louisville, KY – Rudyard Kipling
9/25 – Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant Street
9/26 – Baltimore, MD – Side Bar Tavern
9/27 – Richmond, VA – Gallery 5
9/28 – Charlotte, NC – Evening Muse
9/29 – Opelika, AL – Eighth And Rail
10/1 – Conway, AR – Sound Stage
10/3 – Kansas City, MO – Davey’s Uptown

And since I know some of you can’t make any of these locations, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with their charming little video. And as before, you can get all their incredibly awesome songs at their site.

In even more cool tour news, Drag the River and Lucero are going out together!!

11/13 – Philadelphia – North Star Bar
11/14 – Baltimore – Otto Bar
11/15 – Richmond VA – Alley Katz
11/16 – Carrborro NC – Cat’s Cradle
11/17 – Charleston NC – Cumberland’s
11/18 – Atlanta GA– Variety Playhouse
11/30 – Conway AR – Soundstage
12/2 – Baton Rouge LA– Chelsea’s Cafe
12/8 – Orlando FL– The Social
12/9 – Orlando FL – The Social

Also check the rest of the dates for Drag the River and Lucero. And hey, if you haven’t pre-ordered and gotten the digital download, the new Lucero album hits the stores next week.

So here it comes, my babies, starting this week a full fall season of alt.country goodness. Are you ready? Am I? It’s comin’ whether I am or not, so I better polish up my cowboy boots and y’all better brace yourselves for a bunch tales of country music goodness.

7 thoughts on “Everyone I know, rivers to be dragged and tragedies, new ones

  1. Wow, what a train-wreck of awesome.

    Sets i wish desperately i could catch so if you hit these, please gimme the lowdown:

    Hem, The Gourds, Jon Langford (particularly his art exhibit, though he’s awesome live too)

    Re the gossip: I always suspected Shooter took it in the cornhole.

  2. Re: the gossip – I am too amused to even comment, except to say, why am I not surprised?

    As for you week of fun, make sure that you don’t have so much fun that you can’t report back to us!

  3. Actually, if Shooter took it in the cornhole, i feel he would *become* a bit cooler.

    But on the gossip tip seriously, if that shit is true, holy crizzap on a stizzick. Though admittedly, whether it is true or not, just the mental image of the cowboy-in-question involved in some Brokeback action with a hooker named Big Red makes me want to strike a pose not unlike Munch’s “The Scream,” except with barf involved.

  4. Oh, ack. I wish I could go to all of that, it sounds just amazing.

    I just found out that Ryan Adams (shut it!) and the Cardinals are coming to The Savoy in Cork in October and Neko Case (shut it again!) is coming in December. Obviously I never need to move home again because everyone I like will eventually come to Ireland. (In non-alt-country, Zero 7 and Jose Gonzales are doing a double show the day after Ryan, so I think I’m just going to go down to Cork for two days and take the day off work. It’s going to be awesome. I am so excited.)

  5. I can’t believe those Drag boys and Lucero aren’t going to be in Denver together. Those assholes!! I saw DTR Sunday, of course (see minor halfass write up on my vox blog) and going back to see them at Bender’s Tavern Monday. Can’t get enough of Chad and Jon!

    I must say I am pea green with envy though, to be in Nashville. Le sigh.

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