Who We Are

Cricket Rodgers
Cricket is not a mainstream country pop-star despite what you’ve heard to the contrary. She’s just a good ol’ Seattle girl who headed south when country music overtook the functioning brain cells she had left. Her formative years were spent in Seattle during the formative years of the Seattle “grunge” music scene. She was over it before most of the country knew it started, and was looking for something to resonate against sound of her soul. Turns out twang has the right resonation.

Anna Tozier Wright
Anna is a fiction author living in the Pacific Northwest. Like you, she knows how to type and prefers to listen to and purchase music by independent singer-songwriters from sources that return as much revenue to the musician as possible.

Past Contributors

Daisy–Miss Daisy passed through Nashville once upon a time, but was asked to leave due to staggering levels of constant sobriety. She was told she could return when she’d properly learned to drink. She’s currently living in the untamed wilds of Washington, paying off her debt to society and taking advantage of the quality coffee to help her recover from all the practice drinking she has to do to get back to Nashville.

Mimi–Mimi Stafford grew up in south Alabama, moved to Canada and then Nashville, Tennessee. She set of for Los Angeles, like all our best and brightest seem to do. And then she fell off the map, like the all the good ones do in the end.

Mick–Very dangerous in case of skin contact (irritant). Can be fatal if inhaled or ingested. This product may irritate eyes and skin upon contact. This substance is toxic to the reproductive system.

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