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Here’s some amazing things that hopefully you didn’t miss but just in case you did:

Shaky Knees Music Festival – Line up includes The Lumineers, Band of Horses, Drive By Truckers, Jim James Band, Gary Clark Jr., Dr. Dog, Lucero, Murder by Death and Robert Ellis.  And who doesn’t want to go Atlanta in spring?

Chris Pureka on Daytrotter – I’m not shy about admitting my soft spot for insanely hot, lesbian folk musicians, but Chris has got even more going on than that.  Her voice is amazing, her lyrics smart and deep and there’s such a gripping emotion in everything she does that it’s worth giving her a listen even if you don’t usually go in for folk music.

The Road Most Traveled – Chuck Ragan’s excellent compilation.  I know it’s old news to some of you but I’m just getting to it now and if you missed it you should be getting you one too.

Bruce Springsteen Playing Max’s Kansas City In 1972 – I still maintain that Nebraska is one of the best albums of all time.  And if you think you don’t like Bruce because you didn’t like Born in the USA when it came out, maybe you better try this and see how you feel now.

Hard to believe, but true: we’re coming back!

Did you ever think, at like 4 pm, that you really needed to just close your eyes for like 15 minutes? And then when you woke up it was dark and you weren’t even sure where you were or what day it was? And when you got it together you realized it was like 11 pm and you’d slept for like 7 hours and totally screwed up your whole evening?

Yeah, um, our three year hiatus was kind of like that. In fact, let’s just say that we’ve literally been asleep for the last 3 years. I think that’s best, then I don’t have to reveal the torrid details of what really went down.  It’s been dirty, y’all, the low down kind, and all full of the things country songs are written about.  Luckily I was asleep, so I missed how bad it really was.

But hey, we are back.  Back back.  Like for real back.  And shiny and new. Got a new crew, a whole new format, and tons of good stuff coming your way in 2013.  Are you excited?  I’m excited.  Let’s raise a glass of Kentucky’s best to that and settle in for the ride.

Gone fishing

If you are feeling up to it, feel free to write a country song about me:  Living in the swampy, hot south, plagued by severe storms and tornadoes.  Lost a tooth (trust me it’s a story you don’t want to hear).  Lost my man.  Am all bruised up (related more to the tooth and not at all to the man).  I’m hanging it up for a while.  Sitting on the porch, sippin’ whiskey and watching the lightning and the fireflies until I’m calm and life doesn’t feel like a utter disaster.  Hiatus.  Summer vacation.  Mental health break.

In the meantime there’s some new albums you should be listening too: Continue reading

Not exactly an interview or a review, but full of love

A night that ends with Jon Snodgrass (of Drag the River) singing for you is a very good night indeed. Even better if he is actually singing live for you and not just playing on the old Ipod.

Jon had a quick layover on his way to Memphis to play with Cory Branan (a show that I could not attend, no I don’t want to talk about it, I might cry). [Seriously, we need to find a way to supplement our income so that we can pursue our rock star lifestyle because the day job thing is getting old. What gives, universe?—Daisy] We met up for drinks with a couple other friends. [Which I could not attend. No, I’m not at all bitter, why do you ask?—Daisy] There wasn’t time for a podcast or really even a formal interview but I did learn a few things about Jon, about myself and about the world. Here they are in no particular order: Continue reading

All those bits and pieces

There’s still a day left to enter and win a copy of Willie Nelson’s Naked Willie. Contest ends at midnight tomorrow, so finish up your taxes and go over and enter!

The new podcast is also up. It’s a good listen for a grey spring day. Even if you aren’t in Nashville where the weather isn’t cooperating with the season you should still go download it and listen.

And now that I’ve got your reminders out of the way, I need to clean up some of tabs I’ve had open in my browser for weeks. Here’s some things I’ve been meaning to share with you: Continue reading

Poetry without football

It’s podcasting time again!! This time poet and musician Matt Urmy sat down with us for a very pleasant afternoon. We had so much fun, in fact, that we talked for 3 hours. To save your sanity, I’ve distilled the conversation and the music down to just under and hour. For you listening pleasure, you can get the ‘cast at iTunes, or simply download it here (right click and ‘save file as’).

Matt is wonderful, but if you want the true experience of what it was like in the HCT living room that day, I suggest you listen to it after only 5 or so hours of sleep, when you are hungover and have started drinking at lunch time. I won’t admit whether those were the exact conditions of the day, but recreating those conditions might actually make us sound less obnoxious (or at least you’ll understand us better). Continue reading