The Search for the Last of the Hard-core Troubadours is based in Nashville, Music City.  We aim to go to the shows, the real, low down, tiny club, life blood of Nashville shows, and tell you about them.  Give you the experience in your own home, let you have the music, without your clothes smelling like cigarette smoke.

There’s more going on in Nashville than pop-country radio would have you believe. The indie rock scene has been exploding and alt.country is coming back in new and exciting ways. We love music and are always looking for something different.  We’ll try and dig up a few gems you might have missed.

When we’re too hungover to post, we’ll let the musicians tell you about what they love and what they do.  If that isn’t enough, and we know it isn’t, we’ve got great original fiction for you as well.

Prior to 2012, HCT was a little different. We sought out the unsigned, the under-promoted, the talented acts outside the mainstream, and tried to fill in the gaps of the country music past, reviewing and recommending a broad range of country artists from the past 100 years. We covered industry news, made podcasts, and interviewed bands.  You can still find the archives of those rowdy days on the site, from all of our former contributors.

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